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Rocketseed Marketing

Centrally create, update, and manage all your company email signatures.  Easily assign different email signatures to different departments.

Brand every employee email, from every device with Rocketseed Marketing.

Every aspect of your business can benefit from using the Rocketseed 

Marketing platform.


Customer Service

Legal & Compliance

Human Resources & Internal Communication


Create and manage company email signatures and marketing banner campaigns.

Perfectly display every time on desktop, laptop, tablet, and smartphone.  Simple to deploy, 100% secure and opening endless promotional opportunities.

Professional design

create email signature designs simply and professionally.

Consistent branding
achieve company-wide email signature brand consistency.

Legal compliance

be legally compliant by adding email disclaimer text.

Marketing campaigns

drive engagement through email signature marketing campaigns.

Reporting & analysis

track and analyse every recipient click to measure success.


optimised for Microsoft 365, Google Workspace and Exchange.


Save time and effort with Rocketseed.

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