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IT Support

ITWORX exists to take the headache out of IT for you, whether you need a full support solution backed by years of experience, or an extension to your current IT Team, ITWORX can tailor a support solution that meets your needs.

Through flexible models we help clients optimize their IT systems, offering a holistic support environment to enable peace of mind and ease of support to end users.

How to Log Technical Assistance Requests.

Click the link below for instructions on how to log a technical assistance request.

Hardware Support

Our NOC based Tier 1 through Tier 2 approach provides incident resolution and request fulfilment, from simple break fix issues to complex issues and root cause analysis of problems at Tier 2 and above.

What Next?

For more information about any of our IT support services, please contact us today or call 3959936, 3937767/8 to speak to one of our technology specialists.

Technical assistance request instructions

How to log a technical request


Technical Assistance can be logged through the following channels:

What I need to share when logging a request


The below details are key when logging a request:

  • Name of Company

  • Name of the Person experiencing the problem and their contact details, especially mobile number

  • What is the nature of the problem/request?

Technical assistance request instructions

ITWORX working hours

N.B. Contract Clients to log a call through Mobile Number or via WhatsApp to get assisted during non-working hours. Mobile/WhatsApp Number: +267 71924495
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