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Cybercriminals can penetrate 93% of company networks.  An attacker’s path from external networks to target systems begins with breaching the network perimeter.  On average, it takes two days to penetrate a company’s internal network, with credential compromise being the main route in, primarily because of simple passwords being used.


But it doesn’t have to be that way.

There are seven main types of cybersecurity, each offering a different technique or method use to help protect your business from cyberattacks, data breaches, and ransomware infections.  There is no shortage of threats to make you toss and turn at night, and these unsettling thoughts can very quickly turn into a reality.

7 Types of Security

Network Security

Cloud Security

Endpoint Security

Physical Security

Employee Security


IoT Security

The Importance of Powerful Layered Security Solutions

As businesses transition to the Cloud, many find their systems are unable to safeguard their data and users – an ideal scenario for cybercriminals.

The risk of cybercrime to businesses of all sizes is escalating and with the rate increasing every year the threat of cyber-attacks can no longer be ignored.

But simply implementing network security such as a good firewall, some decent antivirus or DNS filtering will still leave your business vulnerable to attack given the scale and impact of potential cyber-attacks.

For those businesses that wish to operate securely, protect data, and in many cases, stay in business need to beat the bad guys with the right layers of protection for your business.

But the options can be overwhelming that why ITWORX Managed Security Service ensures the security of your business with a flexible and tailored stack that handles the heavy lifting and proactively detects, investigates, and mitigates threats before they wreak havoc in your environment.

Security is a journey of continuous improvement as times constantly change; ITWORX take care of finding the right vendors and platforms and work in partnership with you to select the right security solutions to safeguard your business – we adapt and explore our security, so you can rest knowing your business is prepared for anything.

The NIST cybersecurity framework has several capabilities, which includes five core functions.  These ae the ability to identify, protect, detect, respond, and recover from attacks of differing nature.

Don’t be caught without a proper security stack and plan in place!  Let us help you achieve the security you need faster, easier, and cost-effectively.

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